Ropey Stuff

Basic western bondage, rope 101-  Discussion and tie along. We will cover Safety, Communication, a single limb tie that works with any rope. Time permitting, we’ll also cover a quick, basic double limb or 2 column tie, and possibly a reverse tension chest harness.

Western double limbs, elbows and variations-  Group tie along, demo and practical. Digging into the Western Aesthetic a little. This is the other big building block for functional bondage.  There are a myriad of variations for tying two roughly parallel  limbs (ok, or columns). 

We’ll add tips and tricks to your toolkit, like; The figure 8 cinch, Elbow ties, crab ties, Quick release bondage for sex tie, several wide span double, and a friction cuff, frogged legs with heel, chicken wing / T-rex, running double / "Cobie tie", (I get asked about it a lot) and problem solving.  

I LOVE NYLON - Slicky-boy Tips and tricks for Western bondage and working with nylon. In this class we will cover several single limb ties / “rope cuffs”.  Wraps, cinches, a teardrop weave, and variations! Extending rope. Adjustable knots. Using quick overhand loops for cuffs, gravity boots, and suspension comfort.

Escape challenge-  Discussion and tie along, fun event.

Discussion on safety and negotiation, and several, increasingly difficult rigging challenges where your bottom actively tries to escape. Fun and instructive for any level rigger and bottom.  

Puppet suspension - 7 lift points and the ability to change the position without re-tying anything. It's fun, comfortable and a great first suspension or non-threatening intro to bondage. Walk through this unique, classic tie, complete with safety checks and short cuts. Includes basic chest harness and gunslinger hip harness.  You can use your own chest and hip harness if you prefer.

Introduction to Predicament play; demo -  This is NOT the hug and swoon performance rope you are used to seeing.  Introduction to a completely different kind of rope bondage play. We’ll work through negotiations, safety, engineering, and an adjustable knot that makes this type of play more enjoyable.

Several different predicaments will be deconstructed and demo’d. There should be some opportunity for tie along and practice depending on time, equipment and experience level of the group.

Predicament tie along and lab time. AKA: “Predicaments aren't JUST for 90# yoga bunnies”.

We’ll work through some basic engineering for safety and fun in discussion, and then as a group we'll tie along a simple, diabolical, (almost) safe neck rope to crotch rope, partial suspension predicament.  This tie is designed for a female bottom, on a simple chain point (doesn't need a frame). It’s also engineered to fail in a safe direction. It’s a fun tie for the couple to play in and can be adjusted both for intensity and for most physical limitations.

PRE-REQ: If you’re going to tie along, a basic suspension skill level, and knowledge of your partner and how to tune to suit them. Bring YOUR suspendable chest harness or TK, and "futo " or frogged leg, we'll use them.

Time permitting we’ll lab out YOUR ideas, and see where we could tweak and engineer in an acceptable level of safety... or add extra eeeeeeeevil.  (Crow sourcing evil ideas is the best!) 

Fail Safe - Engineering safety into breath play predicaments (Mostly Demo)

I have several predicament ties that have been engineered so the bottom controls the intensity and if she goes too far, the pressure is automatically released.  I generally like advanced / experienced couples to rig most of them, then as a class we create and tweak the predicament, including the fail-safes.