Photograpy workshops


Basics of manual (fetish) photography

Know your gear… working “the triangle” and some lighting basics.  This workshop is a chance to work through your settings, and other fundamental features like white balance.  Basics like angles, composition, LOTS of hands on, with YOUR gear and seeing how you can get off the “green=go” setting and start crafting some better images.  

Depending on time available  we will experiment with some basic window light and maybe even on camera flash tricks that aren’t such a war crime. Time permitting we can play with McGuyvered Light.

Kaze bed1 AF FS.jpg

Flattery gets you everywhere - 

tips on posing, composition, angles, lighting, clothing, ties, and even lens length to flatter your subject and give her confidence (even on the off chance she is not perfect).  Setting reasonable expectations: Anyone can put a mean tie on a girl, and take an unflattering shot.  Fine, If that’s what she wants.  But do it on purpose in a good way, instead of accidentally from lack of skill.

Classic faces in fetish photography-

we only really shoot about three classic face angles.  Make YOUR kinky fetish pics more engaging by getting these angles and looks.  Basics on how to light them and details to get each right.


Intro to Lighting - reflectors, walls, windows, strobes and wands.

We’ll walk through enhancing your photos depth and drama by adding more light than is there on “Green / Auto” setting.   We’ll experiment with window light, reflectors, on and off camera strobes, and LED wands.  We’ll work through a couple basic lighting set ups, with cheap travel gear, even ONE light.  ....and even explore a trick for the dreaded “on camera flash” that can help those shots be less of a war crime.  Time permitting we can play with McGuyvered Light… and even faking McGuyvered light.

DSC05276-REV1 WM.jpg

On Location Lighting- Making things pop in that cool location. 

Mixed light, scrims, reflectors, wands and strobes.  Ok.  So you found the cool barn, or tree,  wall, or lagoon away from everyone, and you have time to get it right.  Why does the shot still look flat? Tips, tricks and techniques to make it pop with very little gear.


Basic low key lighting. Creating depth, and drama with cheap strobes, almost anywhere.  

You don’t need a black sheet, or to shut off the lights.  You just need to understand what’s happening and how to build a shot. If there’s interest, and time permitting we can play with McGuyvered Light… and even faking McGuyvered light.


The Whole Nine Yards - Shoot demo from concept to Edit and Watermark.

(Demo and discussion)- Work through a bondage photo shoot, ask questions and offer suggestions.

We'll go from negotiations, through picking a concept, setting up lights and gear, order of rigging, getting the shot, and even how I would edit.