This list is by no means all encompassing. These knots aren't the complicated decorative knots you use for creating sexy wearables, but these are the knots I use and trust for functional, structural bondage in nylon.


Larks Head

Larks Head - a simple slip knot (aka trailing hitch, cow hitch, or running eye) that allows a reverse tension start to a tie.  It WILL tighten up unless you combine it with a half hitch.


Half Hitch

Half Hitch - a simple way to stop a lark's head reverse tension from tightening up.  Great way to "stop" the rope before continuing on with another part of the tie.  Lew Rubens rope cuff is built off these two.


Hair Tie

Hair Tie - Combining a lark's head with a half hitch makes a secure, and functional hair tie, ala Lew Rubens. 


Collapsed Lark's Head / Square Knot

Collapsed Lark's Head / Square knot.  A great way to extend a rope when needed.


Granny & Square Knots

Granny & Square knots.  I use these with a "split and tie" when security is not essential, and the rope won't be under direct tension. 


Overhand Knot

Overhand Knot - Super simple. One of the few knots I trust to tighten when I need secure knots under tension. 


Sommerville Bowline

Sommerville Bowline - I've been using this as my primary single limb (one column) / rope cuff for about three years now with very satisfying results.   It's quick to tie, secure, zero pull throughs, and easy to untie in a hurry.  Not every bowline is stable with nylon.  Use what you like, but be sure to test it before you depend on it. 


Farrimond Friction Hitch

Farrimond Friction Hitch - this little mouthful changed my game.  It's an exploding, adjustable knot that's stable with nylon.  (#MindBlown!!)  For tough ties and predicaments, I'd rather have this knot than a safety cutter.....but still, always have a safety cutter.  Just sayin'. 


That's really about it.  You can MAKE IT more complicated, but it's really about safe, creative execution of the basics.  Order your Knothead Nylon Rope and get going.