Using Knothead Nylon

Every material has it's own advantages and disadvantages.  Nylon is more slippery than jute or hemp, so diagonals and "frictions" don't work well and shouldn't be trusted structurally. However,  nylon is many times stronger than natural fiber rope.  Doesn't lose its strength as quickly through normal use, and therefore has a greatly increased value through extended service life. Nylon is also unaffected by water, and is a wonderful choice for wet and messy play that could be dangerous with natural fiber rope. 

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Knots to try

videos to follow shortly... 

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Care and Maintenance

Nylon doesn't rely on any of the voodoo "conditioning" required by jute. If your KnotheadNylon get dirty, simple put it in a mesh bag, machine wash and lay it out or hang it to dry....and then get back to enjoying your rope from!



From time to time we give workshops on rope work and photography, or vend at BDSM events around the country.  

Knot_head is also one of the founder of F.I.R.E. (Florida Intense Rope Experience) held every August in Orlando.

Have a look below and either come see us in person or reach out and create your own event!